Month: July 2019

Credits Private Capital URGENT MONEY

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  Private equity loans appear as a “financial bailout” solution when bank options have run out. If at some point in your life you have encountered the need to get urgent money and your trust bank has rejected you, you will surely look for urgent credits . The search for alternatives to solve this situation […]

Residential Property Insurance and Taxes

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The homeowners insurance covers costs incurred in case of damage to the building. Landlords and owners ask themselves again and again the question of whether the contributions to the homeowners insurance are tax deductible. For the time being, the answer is no. There is one exception: If you are self-employed or freelancer and use the […]

Types of non-bank credits

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A non-bank loan is one that goes out of the banking circuit, that is, the achievement of an amount of money determined by alternative means to financial and banking entities . Throughout this post, we tell you examples of non-bank loans that you can go to for financing. To start off on the right foot, […]