Safety tips to choose a mortgage

Before jumping into the pool of mortgage loans, make sure you have a good financial float, that is, to know the right and vice versa all the tricks that guarantee a good mortgage.


Choose the hitch amount well

Choose the hitch amount well

Many people spend years trying to collect almost half the price of the new house or even the entire value so as not to pay a mortgage, but this does not always end up being worth it. If there is any possibility of investment that will give us profits that exceed what we will pay for interest, it will be worth it then that we deliver only a percentage of down payment and the rest we invest.
However, remember that it is not advisable to give a down payment of less than 30% or 20% of the value of the home.


Establish a good term

good mortgage

Do not tie a mortgage for thirty years but do not want to finish it in ten, because most likely it will end up in debt with the giant fees that will occur at that time. Choose the correct number of years, taking into account that the lifestyle becomes more expensive over time but your salary does not always rise.


Know the competition

Know the competition

When you buy something you need, do you get carried away by the first option or compare prices? When purchasing a financial product it is the same: You must know what they offer! Find out about what each financier is providing. If it confuses you to enter each of its pages, the best option is the Billy Pilgrim comparator, so you have all the data in one place and you can even request from the web.


Knowing how to say “no”

Knowing how to say "no"

Buying housing at all costs is not the idea. If for the money you have saved and your current ability to pay you offer something that does not fit your needs, it may be better to wait a bit and make the money start growing by opening a savings account or requesting a Term Deposit.

Take your precautions and do not go crazy, purchases made calmly are the best.

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